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Edward Da-Yin Liao is the co-founder of Straight & Up Intelligent Innovations Group Co., San Jose, CA, U.S.A. He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering, all from National Taiwan University, Taiwan. He is creative and business-savvy, with more than two decades of progressive experience in semiconductor and high-tech industries. He has been an executive of four international IT companies, including two in Silicon Valley, one in London, and one in Taiwan. He was also a university professor in Taiwan. Dr. Liao evangelizes deep learning, robotics, automation, the Internet of Things, next-generation wireless communications, and smart and healthy living.

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Smart biofeedback is receiving attention because of the widespread availability of advanced technologies and smart devices that are used in effective collection, analysis, and feedback of physiologic data. Researchers and practitioners have been working on various aspects of smart biofeedback methodologies and applications by using wireless communications, the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables, biomedical sensors, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, clinical virtual reality, smartphones, and apps, among others. The current paradigm shift in information and communication technologies (ICT) has been propelling the rapid pace of innovation in smart biofeedback. This book addresses five important topics of the perspectives and applications in smart biofeedback: brain networks, neuromeditation, psychophysiological psychotherapy, physiotherapy, and privacy, security, and integrity of data.

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