Adam Herout

Brno University of Technology Czech Republic

Adam Herout received his PhD from Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, where he works as associate professor and leads the Graph@FIT research group. His research interests include fast algorithms and hardware acceleration in computer vision. Adam Herout is a co-founder of, which provides web streaming from network cameras and real-time computer vision in the cloud.

Adam Herout

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Pattern recognition is a very wide research field. It involves factors as diverse as sensors, feature extraction, pattern classification, decision fusion, applications and others. The signals processed are commonly one, two or three dimensional, the processing is done in real- time or takes hours and days, some systems look for one narrow object class, others search huge databases for entries with at least a small amount of similarity. No single person can claim expertise across the whole field, which develops rapidly, updates its paradigms and comprehends several philosophical approaches. This book reflects this diversity by presenting a selection of recent developments within the area of pattern recognition and related fields. It covers theoretical advances in classification and feature extraction as well as application-oriented works. Authors of these 25 works present and advocate recent achievements of their research related to the field of pattern recognition.

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