Ning Hu

Chongqing University China

Dr. Hu is currently a full professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chiba University, Japan. He has worked on a broad range of research topics including: structural and functional composites, computational solids mechanics, and structural engineering. Recently, his research has been mainly focused on: Impact behaviors of FRP laminated composites, Structural health monitoring and non-destructive damage evaluation techniques, Structural and functional nanocomposites, and Multi-scale simulations of various physical phenomena in nanocomposites. To date, he has wrote over 120 papers in various journals with a high citation number, and over 80 papers on various international conferences. He is now an editorial board member of 4 journals. He has also delivered over 20 keynote and invited talks on various conferences. He has been a reviewer for Carbon, Polymer, CST and for more than 60 various journals.

Ning Hu

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Composites are a class of material, which receives much attention not only because it is on the cutting edge of active material research fields due to appearance of many new types of composites, e.g., nanocomposites and bio-medical composites, but also because there are a great deal of promises for their potential applications in various industries ranging from aerospace to construction due to their various outstanding properties. This book mainly deals with fabrication and property characterization of various composites by focusing on the following topics: functional and structural nanocomposites, numerical and theoretical modelling of various damages in long fiber reinforced composites and textile composites, design, processing and manufacturing technologies and their effects on mechanical properties of composites, characterization of mechanical and physical properties of various composites, and metal and ceramic matrix composites. This book has been divided into five sections to cover the above contents.

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