Raul Ferrer-Gallego

VITEC - Wine Technology Center, Falset

The overall scientific impact of Dr. Ferrer-Gallego's work can be scored by the number of articles, high impact factor journals, the number of citations and high publishing diversity. • 36 SCI-publications. First, last, or corresponding author in more than 75%. h-index 14 (Scopus). 730 citations. More than 75 co-authors from 8 different countries. • 5 technical publications, 4 invited oral communications (2 internationals and 2 nationals), 25 proceedings in peer-reviewed conferences, 25 poster communications in international conferences and 4 in national conferences. Besides that, Dr. Ferrer-Gallego was a referee in Q1 journals (Food Chem, Journal Agric.Food Chem., Molecules, etc), Guest Editor in Q1 in different Special Issues and Member of one editorial team.