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Dr. Abraham (Rami) Rudnick, BMedSc, MD, MPsych, PhD, CPRP, FRCPC, is an Associate Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Philosophy, The University of Western Ontario, Canada. His academic interests center on the ethics, epistemology and metaphysics of health care and related research and on interventions – particularly psychosocial – for people with serious mental illness such as schizophrenia. He has published about dialogue in bioethics, capacity to make decisions about treatment, and health as self-organization, among other topics. Some of his recent academic work challenges widely accepted notions such as (medical) invasiveness and standard principles of bioethics. He is the founder and Head of the Canadian Unit of the International Network of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics (Haifa), which focuses on development, evaluation and dissemination of bioethics education. His work is motivated by the belief that philosophical inquiry is beneficial for health care practice, research, education and administration.

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Bioethics is primarily an applied ethics of health related issues. It is considered an important guide for health care and its discourses and practices. Health related technology, such as information technology, is changing rapidly. Bioethics should arguably address such change as well as continue to address more established areas of health care and emerging areas of social concern such as climate change and its relation to health. This book illustrates the range of bioethics in the 21st century. The book is intentionally not comprehensive but rather illustrative of established, emerging and speculative bioethics, such as ethics of mental health care, ethics of nano-technology in health care, and ethics of cryogenics, respectively. Hopefully the book will motivate readers to reflect on health care as a work in progress that requires continuous ethical deliberation and guidance.

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