Chatchawal Wongchoosuk

Kasetsart University

Chatchawal Wongchoosuk received the PhD and MSc degrees from Mahidol University and the BSc degree with first class honors in Physics from Prince of Songkla University, Thailand in 2011, 2007, and 2005, respectively. Currently, he is a faculty member of Kasetsart University. He is a specialist in development of smart sensors and intelligent systems for food, agricultural and environmental applications. He has received over 25 research awards. He has served as a reviewer for several scientific journals. He has published several dozens of articles in reputed journals and proceedings as well as four book chapters with patents & copyright. His research interests cover the topics of modern Nanoscience and Nanotechnology researches ranging from theoretical modeling of nanomaterials to fabrication of intelligent nanodevices such as hybrid gas sensors, electronic nose, printed electronics, flexible electronics and 3D-nanostructures devices.

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Two-dimensional (2D) materials have attracted a great deal of attention in recent years due to their potential applications in gas/chemical sensors, healthcare monitoring, biomedicine, electronic skin, wearable sensing technology and advanced electronic devices. Graphene is one of today's most popular 2D nanomaterials alongside boron nitrides, molybdenum disulfide, black phosphorus and metal oxide nanosheets, all of which open up new opportunities for future devices. This book provides insights into models and theoretical backgrounds, important properties, characterizations and applications of 2D materials, including graphene, silicon nitride, aluminum nitride, ZnO thin film, phosphorene and molybdenum disulfide.

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