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Western Sydney University Australia

Professor Phillipa Hay is Foundation Chair of Mental Health at the UWS School of Medicine, Senior Psychiatrist at the Macarthur Eating Disorder Clinic in Campbelltown and Adjunct Professor at James Cook University. She is immediate Past-President of the Australian and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders and is Co-Chair of the Sisterhood, Affiliates and Chapters Committee of the International Academy for Eating Disorders. Her early seminal work was in analytic epidemiologic studies and community burden of bulimic eating disorders. Her current research program includes treatment trials, public health interventions and meta-analytic studies of efficacy. Professor Hay has been invited to give scientific addresses at meetings in every continent and she has written over 100 peer reviewed scientific papers.

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Bulimia nervosa and eating disorders are common cause of distress and health related burden for young women and men. Despite major advances over the past three decades many patients come late to treatment and find that the therapy is incompletely addressed to the complex psychopathology and co-morbidities of the illness. The present book brings timely and contemporary understandings of bulimia nervosa to aid in current thinking regarding prevention and treatment. It will be read by therapists interested in enhancing their current approaches and those interested in earlier and more effective prevention and closing the gap between illness onset and accessing treatment. They will find practical guidance but also new ideas and ways of thinking about bulimia nervosa and the illness experience in this book.

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