Dipesh Yadav

First Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University China

Dr. Dipesh Kumar Yadav received an MBBS from Taishan Medical University, China, and an MD in General Surgery from Ningbo University, China. He obtained a Ph.D. and postdoc in Hepatobiliary Surgery and Liver Transplantation from the School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, China. In 2019, he won the Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship Program (Talent Introduction Program) from the Postdoctoral Foundation of China. Dr. Yadav has published numerous articles in high-impact journals. He is an experienced surgeon in open/laparoscopic hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, including liver transplantation, the Whipple procedure, hepatectomy, laparoscopic pancreaticoduodenectomy, pancreas distal resection, and so on. His research interests include liver transplantation, intestine transplantation, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, transplant oncology, and transplant immunology.

Dipesh Yadav

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Liver transplantation is an exciting field that encompasses a wide range of research areas like transplant immunology, transplant pharmacology, transplant oncology, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and more. This book includes chapters on liver transplantation for acute and chronic liver failure, liver transplantation for alcoholic liver disease, and economic considerations of liver transplantation.

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