Piotr Pachura

Częstochowa University of Technology Poland

Dr. Piotr Pachura (assoc. prof. dr. hab.), European academic and scientist, the reader at Częstochowa University of Technology (Poland) and University of Presov (Slovak Rep.). Academic degrees achieved in: social science (MA), economic science (PhD) and geography (dr hab.). Consultant in regional innovation policy and practice. Author of over 80 books and articles, participant in many international research projects, originator of several scientific international journals as e.g. : Springer Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A Systems View Across Time and Space and Polish Journal of Management Sudies. Engaged in interdisciplinary research on: network and global economy, globalization, economic geography, theory of regional and local change and development.

Piotr Pachura

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Today science is moving in the direction of synthesis of the achievements of various academic disciplines. The idea to prepare and present to the international academic milieu, a multidimensional approach to globalization phenomenon is an ambitious undertaking. The book The Systemic Dimension of Globalization consists of 14 chapters divided into three sections: Globalization and Complex Systems; Globalization and Social Systems; Globalization and Natural Systems. The Authors of respective chapters represent a great diversity of disciplines and methodological approaches as well as a variety of academic culture. This is the value of this book and this merit will be appreciated by a global community of scholars.

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