Cassandra Terry

London Metropolitan University

Dr Terry completed her BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry at The University of Sheffield, completed an MRes in Structural Proteomics at The University of St Andrews and returned to The University of Sheffield to complete her PhD in electron microscopy. Dr Terry previously worked at the MRC in Cambridge studying the structure of ATPases and at AstraZeneca where she completed an industrial placement in high-throughput X-ray crystallography for drug development. More recently, Dr Terry worked as a senior investigator scientist at University College London where she elucidated the structure of infectious prions. Dr Terry is now a Reader (Associate Professor) in Protein Pathology at London Metropolitan University. Dr Terry is interested in studying the structure of pathogens and proteins that cause disease. In particular, Dr Terry is interested in proteins that form amyloid structures. She is interested in understanding amyloid formation and structure in order to investigate potential therapeutics for amyloid disorders.