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Doug McNair serves as a Senior Advisor in Quantitative Sciences – Analytics Innovation in Global Health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He assists the foundation’s R&D in drug and vaccine development for infectious diseases, childhood diseases, and neglected tropical diseases. Current projects include product development programs in Discovery & Translational Sciences involving Bayesian Networks. His activity also includes machine-learning and modeling of health economics collaborating with BMGF's Global Development division. Previously, Doug was President of Cerner Math Inc., responsible for Artificial Intelligence components of Cerner’s EHR solutions, discovering AI predictive models from real-world de-identified EHR-derived Big Data. Doug is lead inventor on more than 100 patents and pending patent applications, including several involving Bayesian predictive models for clinical diagnostics.

Douglas McNair

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Bayesian networks (BN) have recently experienced increased interest and diverse applications in numerous areas, including economics, risk analysis and assets and liabilities management, AI and robotics, transportation systems planning and optimization, political science analytics, law and forensic science assessment of agency and culpability, pharmacology and pharmacogenomics, systems biology and metabolomics, psychology, and policy-making and social programs evaluation. This strong and varied response results not least from the fact that plausibilistic Bayesian models of structures and processes can be robust and stable representations of causal relationships. Additionally, BNs' amenability to incremental or longitudinal improvement through incorporating new data affords extra advantages compared to traditional frequentist statistical methods. Contributors to this volume elucidate various new developments in these aspects of BNs.

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