Tommaso Piacentini

University of Chieti-Pescara Italy

Tommaso Piacentini is a Researcher at the University \G. D\'Annunzio\ of Chieti Pescara, in the Department of Engineering and Geology. His research activities are carried in the Apennines chain, eastern Piedmont and Adriatic coast, focusing on the following main topics: the role of tectonics in the geomorphological evolution of Abruzzi Apennines and Piedmont area; soil erosion in Mediterranean environment in the Abruzzi Piedmont area; past distribution of the periglacial environment in the Italian mountain chains; study of the sensitivity to drought and desertification in the Abruzzi area; geomorphological and geological mapping applied to hazard and risk analysis. Dr. Piacentini has authored several scientific papers in national and international scientific journals, several geomorphological maps and geological maps and explicatory notes Geological Survey of Italy.

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This book includes several geomorphological studies up-to-date, incorporating different disciplines and methodologies, always focused on methods, tools and general issues of environmental and applied geomorphology. In designing the book the integration of multiple methodological fields (geomorphological mapping, remote sensing, meteorological and climate analysis, vegetation and biogeomorphological investigations, geographic information systems GIS, land management methods), study areas, countries and continents (Europe, America, Asia, Africa) are considered.

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