Melih Gunay

University of Engineering & Management India

Melih Gunay earned a BS in Textile Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, and Msc in Computer Science and Ph.D. degree in Fiber and Polymer Science from North Carolina State University. He was also awarded Associate Professorship by the Turkish Higher Education Council. While carrying out his academic work, he worked several years in private sector as a principal engineer at HueMetrix, a startup textile company specializing in right first-time dying. Currently, he is currently working as a bioinformatics scientist for US Center for Disease & Control. His research interests in textiles include right-first-time dyeing, on-line and off-line measurement of yarn and fabric qualities, modeling of 2-D textile structure irregularities, and mathematical simulation and visualization of textile structures. He has co-authored numerous conference papers, journal articles and books and received several awards for his work both in private sector and academia.

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Human genetics is the medical field with the most rapid progress. This book aims to provide an overview on some of the latest developments in several genetic diseases. It contains 14 chapters focused on various genetic disorders addressing epidemiology, etiology, molecular basis and novel treatment options for these diseases. The chapters were written by 41 collaborators, from 8 different countries in Europe, Asia, and America, with great expertise in their field. Chapters are heterogeneous, offering a welcomed personalized view on each particular subject. The book does not offer a systematic overview of human genetic disorders. However, they are a valuable resource for medical practitioners, researchers, biologists and students in various medical sciences.

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