Claudia R. V. Morgado

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Cláudia do Rosario Vaz Morgado has been associate professor at the Polytechnic School of Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ) since 1997. She received a D.Sc. in Industrial Engineering (1994) from COPPE/UFRJ. She has been the head of the human resources program in Environmental Engineering of the National Petroleum Agency since 2010. She was the founder of the Program in Environmental Engineering of the Polytechnic School and Chemistry School at UFRJ (2007-2011). She was the former head of the Environmental Committee of the Regional Council of Architecture, Engineering and Agronomy of Rio de Janeiro/CREA-RJ. Prof. Morgado also founded GESTORE, a leading group that acts in training and research in life cycle assessment, governance and sustainability.

Claudia R. V. Morgado

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The reconciliation of economic development, social justice and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is one of the biggest political challenges of the moment. Strategies for mitigating CO2 emissions on a large scale using sequestration, storage and carbon technologies are priorities on the agendas of research centres and governments. Research on carbon sequestration is the path to solving major sustainability problems of this century a complex issue that requires a scientific approach and multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary technology, plus a collaborative policy among nations. Thus, this challenge makes this book an important source of information for researchers, policymakers and anyone with an inquiring mind on this subject.

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