Heethaka Krishantha Sameera de Zoysa

Rajarata University of Sri LankaSri Lanka

Mr H. K. S. de Zoysa is a Docent at Department of Bioprocess Technology, Faculty of Technology (FoT), Rajarata University of Sri Lanka (RUSL). He graduated from the RUSL in 2014 with a special degree in Applied Biology securing second class upper division pass and gold medal given for meritorious student in the BSc program. Also, he completed his first master’s degrees in Biochemistry with support of the Postgraduate Research Scholarship from the Nationa Science Foundation, Sri Lanka in 2019 at the RUSL. After that, in 2020, he completed his second master’s degree in the field of Marine Biology with the support of COINOR-University of Naples Federico II (UNINA Federico II) Scholarship, Italy. Currently he is reading his PhD at the UNINA Federico II, Italy. In 2016, he joined to the FoT, RUSL as a founder staff member and actively engaged with both academic and administrative works until he went abroad to his second master’s degree. Since 2018 de Zoysa as a master’s student of the UNINA Federico II (Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II – 1224) in Italy, he got the opportunity to conduct his research activities in the field of Marine Biotechnology at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (Anton Dohrn Zoological Station (SZN), Naples – 1872), which among the renowned research institutes and a world centre for the study of Marine Biology in Europe. In 2020, He has started PhD at Department of Biology, UNINA Federico II. He will be conducting his Doctoral studies in the field of Molecular Biology about In-situ Hybridization and RNA editing of the Octopus at Professor Anna di Cosmo’s Lab under her principle supervision. Since the undergraduate time, de Zoysa actively engaged with many research activities up to date and has published numerous research articles and chapters. In addition, he has vast knowledge in multidisciplinary research background as his research expertise in the areas of Biology, Marine Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Natural Products, Food Safety, Post-harvest Techniques, Food analysis, and Conservation Biology.

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