Paola González Carvajal

Chilean archaeologista and enviromental lawyer (Universidad de Chile). She has a broad experience in Andean Archaeologist, in particular, iconographic studies and Lanscape Archaeology. Her most recent research focus is the Andean and Amazonic cultural relationship, in present and prehispanic times, specifically the South American tradition of shamanic art. She is currently developing studies in Peruvian Amazon, relating to Shipibo-Conibo concepts of art. Researcher of Fondecyt Proyect from 1995 to 2020. Since 2015 she leads the investigation of El Olivar archaeological sites (La Serena) Author of \"Visual Language of the Incas\" (1008. Archaeopress International Series N°1848), \"Arte y cultura Diaguita chilena: simetría, simbolismo e identidad\" (2013. Uvayali Editores), \"Alfarería del sitio diaguita El Olivar\" (2019, Ucayali Editores) and \"Mining and National Monuments\" (Ediarte S.A.). Vice- president of the Archaeology Association of Chile (2010-2013).

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