Chiara Fiori

University of Salerno

Chiara Fiori is an assistant professor at the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Salerno, Italy. She earned her Ph.D. from Sapienza University of Rome, Italy in 2015, and completed her post-doc at the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, University of Naples Federico II, Italy (2016 to 2019). She acted as Visiting Scientist at the European Commission, Joint Research Center, Directorate for Energy, Transport and Climate Change, Ispra, Italy (2017 to 2018), Visiting Scientist at the Center for Sustainable Mobility of the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, USA (2015 to 2016), and Visiting Scholar at the Center for Automotive Research of the Ohio State University, USA (2013). Her research interests include sustainable mobility, modeling and simulation for the functional and environmental efficiency improvement of container terminals, integration of microscopic energy consumption model for EVs with traffic control systems, energy consumption modeling and simulation of hybrid and electric powertrains, integration of traffic and energy consumption modeling at microscopic scale, impact assessment of emerging powertrain technologies on route choice behaviors and development of eco-routing strategies for personal and freight mobility, impact assessment of emerging powertrain technologies and charging systems on power electric infrastructure, electric freight logistics, electrification of ports and port operations, well-to-wheels analysis of conventional, hybrid and electric vehicles, impact assessment of emerging railway services (e.g. High Speed/High Capacity services), energy systems, alternative fuels, hydrogen, and renewable sources.