Sonny Irawan

Nazarbayev University Kazakhstan

Dr. Sonny Irawan, Associate Professor: is an Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering at School of Mining and Geoscience, Nazarbayev University. Prior to current position, he has worked as a research and teaching Associate at Petroleum Engineering Department Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) -Malaysia for 12 years. During his last tenure at UTP, he was involved in numerous research activities related to : a. Proof of concept development of nano graphene-based fluid loss Control Additive for Drilling Fluid, b. Nanoparticles to improve flocculation ofdispersed fines in the reservoir formation, c. Polymer Water shut off for oil and gas wells, d. Evaluation of Reactive Polymer Isocyanate Fluid System Derived from Palm Oil for Water Shut Off Application in Malaysian Oil Field e. Development ofa Geopolymer Cement for CO2 and HPHT Well, f. Laboratory Study on Predicting Foam Propagation Using Resistivity Measurement and g. Game Changing Well Technology Using Electromagnetic.

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