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University of Zilina

Valéria Hrabovcová is Professor Emeritus of Electrical Machines at the University of Žilina, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Slovakia. Her professional and research interests cover all kinds of electrical machines, including electronically commutated electrical machines. She has worked on many research and development projects and has written numerous scientific publications and monographs in the field of electrical engineering. Her work also includes various pedagogical activities, and she has participated in many international educational projects.

Valeria Hrabovcova

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This book is devoted to students, PhD students, postgraduates of electrical engineering, researchers, and scientists dealing with the analysis, design, and optimization of electrical machine properties. The purpose is to present methods used for the analysis of transients and steady-state conditions. In three chapters the following methods are presented: (1) a method in which the parameters (resistances and inductances) are calculated on the basis of geometrical dimensions and material properties made in the design process, (2) a method of general theory of electrical machines, in which the transients are investigated in two perpendicular axes, and (3) FEM, which is a mathematical method applied to electrical machines to investigate many of their properties.

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