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University of Silesia

Bartłomiej Płaczek, MSc (2002), Ph.D. (2005), Habilitation (2016), is a professor at the University of Silesia, Institute of Computer Science, Poland, and an expert from the National Centre for Research and Development. His research interests include sensor networks, smart sensors, intelligent systems, and image processing with applications in healthcare and medicine. He is the author or co-author of more than seventy papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences as well as the co-author of several books. He serves as a reviewer for many scientific journals, international conferences, and research foundations. Since 2010, Dr. Placzek has been a reviewer of grants and projects (including EU projects) in the field of information technologies.

Bartłomiej Płaczek

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Recent advances in sensor design, embedded systems, and communication networks allow us to collect valuable biomedical data effectively. The new biomedical data acquisition systems make significant contributions to life quality as well as support healthcare and diagnostic procedures. This book presents several innovative applications of data acquisition technology for monitoring patient activity, assisted living, diagnosing osteoarthritis, recognizing disorders of the cardiovascular system, and designing prostheses for amputees.

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