Sami El Khatib

Lebanese International University Lebanon

Dr. Sami El Khatib, Assistant Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences at Lebanese International University (LIU), Holder of a Ph.D. in Cell Biology, a Master Degree in Bioengineering & Biomaterials, University Diploma in Animal Experimentation from France, and a BS in Medical Laboratory from Lebanese University. His research work was focused on the non-invasive techniques of diagnosis and treatment of Bladder Cancer, published in international peer-reviewed journals. He published the first work conducted in vivo for the usage of Hexvix as a prodrug for the Photodynamic treatment of bladder cancer in rats. He developed a reproducible model for solitary bladder cancer in rats used for many research and pharmacokinetics applications. He is the Head of the Organizing Committees of many academic and community services events organized by LIU. Dr. El Khatib is a member of the Middle East Molecular Biology Society, a member of MEMBS International Advisory Committee.

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