Nedal Abu-Thabit

Jubail Industrial College

Dr. Nedal Abu-Thabit holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry with a specialization in polymer chemistry from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM). Currently, Dr. Nedal is an associate professor in the Chemical & Process Engineering Technology department at Jubail Industrial College. During the period 2013–2018, Dr. Nedal held the position of program director for the Polymer Engineering Technology major. Dr. Nedal has published more than forty research articles and reviews in refereed journals, fifteen book chapters, four books, and two patents. His research interests are related to polymer synthesis, preparation of nanocomposites, nanomaterials, and electrically conducting polymers for water sterilization and sensing applications, and isolation of biopolymers from renewable and sustainable resources. Dr. Nedal has contributed many articles to educational polymer chemistry.

Nedal Abu-Thabit

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Nano- or micro-encapsulation is used in many different fields and industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and agrochemicals. It offers advantages for various applications, especially drug delivery. Nano-encapsulation can help extend and control the release of drugs as well as increase drug bioavailability and efficacy. It improves the precision of targeted drug delivery and allows for fabricating nano-encapsulated drugs for diagnostic and theranaostic applications. This book covers recent advances in fabricating nano-/micro-capsules using natural carriers for therapeutic and diagnostic drug delivery applications as well as rheology and formulations of micro-emulsions for diverse applications. This book is essential for scientists and researchers with diverse backgrounds in chemistry, engineering, material sciences, pharmaceuticals, and drug delivery.

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