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He is Associate Prof. in Telecommunication and Networking at DIMES Dept., University of Calabria, ITALY. In October 2000 he got is Master Degree Thesis cum laude in Electrical and Computer Science Engineering at University of Calabria. During his thesis he spent nine months at C.S.E.L.T (Centro Studi e Laboratorio Telecomunicazioni) in Turin where he worked on Access Network of Telecom Operator gaining experience in the management of Network Access Server (NAS) and on the interworking and integration of multi-vendor and multiplatform infrastructures. During this period he worked also on security issues and on Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) architecture in order to offer differentiation and security at access network in Dial-up phase. His Master Degree thesis was titled “Services Differentiation at IP level in Access Network through network management policies. Reliability, functionality and interoperability analysis on multi-vendor platforms“. In 2001 he started his Ph.D in Systems and Information Engineering at DEIS Dept., University of Calabria. In March 2004 he went to Los Angeles at UCLA University where he spent 8 months at Network Research Lab. In February 2005 he got his Ph.D with a thesis titled “Hybrid Location Based Routing Protocols for Scalable Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Group Motion”. From November 2004 to September 2007 he worked at DEIS Dept. as Research Fellow. He has been also involved in many professional activities and in particular he has been TPC member of many International Conferences such as IEEE VTC, ICC, WCNC, Globecom, Med Hoc Net, SPECTS, WirelessCOM, WinSys and reviewer in many journals such as IEEE Communication Letters, JSAC, IEEE Trans.on Vehicular Technology, Computer Communication, Eurasip JWCN, WINET etc. In September 2007 he become Assistant Professor at DEIS Dept., University of Calabria, where he teaches Telecommunication Systems, Designing of Advance Cellular Networks and Radiomobile Networks II. He is now Associate Prof. in Telecommunication and Networking at DIMES Dept., University of Calabria. He was recipient of Young Researcher Award in 2007 for a Project on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) called ATENA (Autoconfiguring inTelligent vEhicular Network for urban Area). He co-authored till now more than 200 papers in International Conferences and Journals.

Floriano De Rango

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This book tries to address different aspects and issues related to video and multimedia distribution over the heterogeneous environment considering broadband satellite networks and general wireless systems where wireless communications and conditions can pose serious problems to the efficient and reliable delivery of content. Specific chapters of the book relate to different research topics covering the architectural aspects of the most famous DVB standard (DVB-T, DVB-S/S2, DVB-H etc.), the protocol aspects and the transmission techniques making use of MIMO, hierarchical modulation and lossy compression. In addition, research issues related to the application layer and to the content semantic, organization and research on the web have also been addressed in order to give a complete view of the problems. The network technologies used in the book are mainly broadband wireless and satellite networks. The book can be read by intermediate students, researchers, engineers or people with some knowledge or specialization in network topics.

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