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Maria Wolmesjö, Ph.D., is a professor in social work and the research leader of Work Life and Social Welfare: Sustainable Management, Organization and Leadership in Social Welfare (SOLWE) at the University of Borås, Sweden. She has long experience and has held leading positions as first-line manager and director of home-help care organizations for older adults and persons with disabilities, and as head of the department and program director in academic social work departments. She has served as chair of the Academic Appointments Committee and chaired different national and international evaluation committees. She has a broad national and international network through several collaborative projects. Her research focuses on sustainable leadership, healthy organizations, age management, ethical dilemmas, interprofessional collaboration, user participation, elderly care, and professional education and development.

Maria Wolmesjö

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This edited volume, Social Work – Perspectives on Leadership and Organisation, presents a variety of perspectives and reflections from social work theories and practice on how to manage, lead and organize social work in different parts of the world. The authors share their experiences and knowledge from a variety of perspectives, focusing on education, practice, user participation, leading social work with responsibility for handling different ethical dilemmas, and organizing a sustainable and healthy work-life for both staff members and their clients. Global collaboration enables reflection on social work leadership and organization from different professional perspectives and organizational levels. The book addresses students, politicians, lecturers and researchers, practitioners, users, relatives and others who are interested in social work and want to improve their understanding of social work leadership and organization from an international perspective.

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