Noury Bakrim

Institute for Leadership and Communication Studies (ILCS), Rabat, Morocco

Dr. Noury Bakrim is a linguist and semiotician. He is also a researcher who has lectured and worked at various colleges, institutes, and research centers such as the French National Centre for Scientific Research, the University of the People, USA, and the Moroccan Institute for Leadership and Communication Studies. He has published five theoretical books and various articles on semiotics and linguistics. The focus of his work is the bio-socio-mathematical and empirical/experimental verifiability of the Real Object Approach hypothesis of Language (ROAL). His model implies a translatological component tightly linked to individual language types and interpreting results.

Noury Bakrim

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This book brings together scholarly contributions to question, model, and reshape translatology as the scientific discipline studying language translation. The chapters emphasize the hypothesis of a real domain of observability and objectivity through experimental and applied perspectives. The authors offer a balanced view of adequacy and coherence between the empirical and theoretical components of the book. The chapters include a good deal of individual language data from both source and target approaches, with a focus on typologically and culturally diverse spaces such as the African context. Domains of inquiry such as terminology and the cognitive dimension of the process exemplify the ability to create a dialogue between multidisciplinary intersections and translatological attempts of laws and generalizations.

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