Jo Ann LeQuang

NEMA Research, Inc.

Jo Ann LeQuang is a medical writer who got her start working in the pacemaker industry when she was hired to work for Intermedics to assist in setting up a translation department for software localization for implantable devices. She worked at the Cardiac Rhythm Management Division of St. Jude Medical (now Abbott) and together with Tom Kenny worked on The Nuts & Bolts of Cardiac Pacing series of books. She has worked independently since 2003 and has been an author on more than forty peer-reviewed medical articles. In 2017, she won the Unsung Heroes Award for advocacy for chronic pain patients. She is Director of Scientific Communication at NEMA Research, Inc., and serves on the Board of Directors of No Baby Blisters, a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding the cure for epidermolysis bullosa, an orphan disease that affects newborns.

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