Francesc Bonada

Senior Data Science Researcher & R&D Project Manager. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Telecommunications Engineering (‘07) at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). He has been a PhD candidate and researcher at the Signal Theory and Communications Dpt. (UPC), focusing on remote optical amplification and signal processing for next generation passive optical networks. Currently, he is involved in research projects for the application of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in the Industry 4.0, focusing on process control, quality prediction and optimization of several sectors: plastic and light alloys injection, milling, foundry, metal forming and welding. He has been involved in several H2020, FP7, Networks of Excellence and National Projects (Des-MOLD, Mold4ProdE, SoundCAST, Flexicast, SARDANA, ACCORDANCE, BONE, Euro-fos, CVREMOD, eMolde, S-EBIT, CIMEC, TEYDE, PressNOzz, Mo3Dlling, SESAME). Currently Francesc is the technical coordinator of H2020 project PREVIEW.

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