Elzbieta Broniewicz

Dr. Elzbieta Broniewicz is a graduate of environmental engineering on Technical University in Bialystok, Poland. In 1998 she received her PhD in the field of economics. In her teaching and scientific work she combines engineering with economics. The main fields of her interest are: environmental expenditure accounts, environmental goods and services sector, environmental management system and environmental impact assessment.

Elzbieta Broniewicz

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In recent years the topic of environmental management has become very common. In sustainable development conditions, central and local governments much more often notice the need of acting in ways that diminish negative impact on environment. Environmental management may take place on many different levels - starting from global level, e.g. climate changes, through national and regional level (environmental policy) and ending on micro level. This publication shows many examples of environmental management. The diversity of presented aspects within environmental management and approaching the subject from the perspective of various countries contributes greatly to the development of environmental management field of research.

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