Thomas Shahady

Lynchburg College United States of America

Thomas D. Shahady, Ph.D. is a Professor of Environmental Science at the University of Lynchburg and director of the Environmental Education Center focusing on Water Resources in U.S. and Environmental Health in Latin America. He has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Environmental Studies from Guilford College in Greensboro, NC, a Masters of Science in Environmental Health from the University of North Carolina School of Public Health, and a Ph.D. in Zoology with a Water Resources Minor from North Carolina State University. Dr. Shahady has expertise in community-based environmental problems. He has researched and consulted on water quality issues in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State, reservoirs throughout North Carolina and Virginia, and the impact of urbanization throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. He has worked with industry, EPA, and state regulators on environmental compliance issues. His current work is focused on sound environmental monitoring to manage and improve degraded water quality. He is also focused on how to improve stream restoration and develop good watershed management plans for degraded areas. In Costa Rica, he is working to improve overall sanitation to improve both drinking water and river health. His outreach is helping affected communities monitor their water quality and improve health.

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