Fatma Ben Salem

University of Sfax

Fatma Ben Salem was born in Sfax, Tunisia, in 1978. She received her BS, MSc, Ph.D., and HCR degrees in 2002, 2003, 2010, and 2015, respectively, all in electrical engineering from the National Engineering School of Sfax, University of Sfax, Tunisia. She is an associate professor of electrical engineering at the High Institute of Industrial Management of Sfax, Tunisia. She is a member of the Control Energy Management Laboratory (CEMLab) of the University of Sfax. She is the author of several journals and international conference papers. She has participated in writing book chapters and in the organization of international conferences and workshops. She is an IEEE member. Her main research interests cover several aspects related to the control and the diagnostics of electrical machine drives and generators involved in automotive as well as in renewable energy systems.

Fatma Ben Salem

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This book deals with the design and analysis of Direct Torque Control (DTC). It introduces readers to two major applications of electrical machines: speed drive and position control and gives the readers a comprehensive overview of the field of DTC dedicated to AC machines. It includes new DTC approaches with and without control of commutation frequency. It also covers DTC applications using artificial intelligence. The book combines theoretical analysis, simulation, and experimental concepts.To make the content as accessible as possible, the book employs a clear proposal in each chapter, moving from the background, to numerical development, and finally to case studies and illustrations. The book is a wide-ranging reference source for graduate students, researchers, and professors from related fields and it will benefit practicing engineers and experts from the industry.

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