Vikas Khare

DR. VIKAS KHARE Associate Professor Electrical, School of Technology, Management and Engineering NMIMS, INDORE M.P., INDIA Email Id: Mob No.: 09098216248 Dr. Vikas Khare is an Associate Professor in School of Technology, Management and Engineering, NMIMS, Indore M.P., India. He obtained his M.Tech (Honours) in Energy Management from DAVV Indore, India, and Ph.D. from National Institute of Technology Bhopal, India. His main research interests are renewable energy systems, optimization techniques, game theory, Electrical Engineering, Big Data He is also a certified energy manager under the bureau of energy efficiency in India. Dr. Khare has published various research papers in highly repudiated journals Such as Elsevier and Taylor and Francis and published books on renewable energy and fundamentals of electrical and electronics and one of the book on “Tidal Energy System” under the publication of Elsevier Publication USA. BOOK AND RESEARCH PUBLICATION No. of Books published in International Publication and Under Process along with Book Details: [1]. Vikas Khare, Cheshta J.Khare , Savita Nema, Prashant Baredar, “Tidal Energy system: Design, Optimization and control” Elsevier Publication, USA, ISBN 978-0-12-814881-5. [2]. Vikas Khare, Savita Nema, Prashant Baredar, “Optimization of Ocean energy system by Big data analysis”, Elsevier Publication, USA (Under Process). [3]. Vikas Khare, Savita Nema, Prashant Baredar, “Design and optimization of biomass energy system”, Elsevier Publication, USA (Under Process). No. of Books published in National Publication: [1]. Vikas Khare, R.K.Chaturvedi, S.K.Sahdev, “Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering”- Dhanpat Rai Publication,India, ISBN 978-81-7700-201-0 [2]. Vikas Khare, R.K.Chaturvedi, S.K.Sahdev, Cheshta J.Khare, Mahima Jain “Fundamental of Electrical Engineering”- Dhanpat Rai Publication, India, ISBN 978-81-7700-201-0. [3]. Vikas Khare, Chsehta J.Khare, Mahima Jain “Fundamental of Electronics” Dhanpat Rai Publication , India, ISBN 978-81-7700-200-3. [4]. Vikas Khare, Savita Nema, Prashant Baredar “Renewable Energy” Balaji Publication, India, ISBN 978-93-82346-11-1. No. of Papers published in the International Journal along with Paper Details: [1]. Vikas Khare, Savita Nema, Prashant Baredar, “Game theory based framework of solar-wind renewable energy system”, Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series B, Springer, Article in Press. [2].Vikas Khare, “Prediction, investigation, and assessment of novel tidal–solar hybrid renewable energy system in India by different techniques”, International Journal of Sustainable Energy, Taylor and Francis, [3].Vikas Khare, Dr. Savita Nema, Dr. Prashant Baredar, “Optimization of Hydrogen based hybrid renewable energy system using HOMER, BB BC AND GAMBIT”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2016, Elsevier, Volume 41, issue 38,16743-16751. [4]. 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