Sagar C. Galwankar

University of South Florida

Sagar C. Galwankar, MD, MPH, FAIM graduated from Pune University, India as a MBBS Allopathic Physician in 1995. He is Residency Trained and Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine in India and The United States Respectively. He also has completed his Masters in Public Health with his career focused on International Health Diplomacy. His academic experience over the last two decades includes consistent achievements in Innovative Strategies which have led to publications, creation of organizations, and development of path breaking mode He has played a defining role in founding and building internationally recognized interdisciplinary PubMed Indexed Journals. His Executive Experience is highlighted by his visionary leadership when he founded the SevenHills Hospital Emergency Health System at SevenHills Hospital (SHH) Mumbai. SHH is a partnership project between the government and the private sector. He is the CEO of The INDUSEM Health and Medicine Collaborative and heads the World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine and also serves as the ACAIM Global Executive Director. His Clinical Responsibilities involve a faculty position at the University of Florida - Jacksonville.