Anish Khan

King Abdulaziz University Saudi Arabia

Dr. Anish Khan is an assistant professor at the Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials Research (CEAMR), Faculty of Science, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He obtained a Ph.D. from Aligarh Muslim University, India, in 2010, and a postdoctoral degree in Electroanalytical Chemistry from the School of Chemical Sciences, University Sains Malaysia (USM), in 2010. Dr. Khan works in the fields of sensors, polymer composites, and organic-inorganic electrically conducting nanocomposites. He has more than 250 research articles, 80 book chapters, 50 edited books, and more than 20 international conferences/workshops to his credit. He is an editorial board member for several international journals.

Anish Khan

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The modern world is moving towards sustainable development and furan is a key material in this transition. Furan is processed from furfural, which is an organic compound obtained from biomass feedstock. Thus, furan is a green and environmentally friendly material. It is used to produce pharmaceuticals, resin, agrochemicals, and lacquers. It is a key starting material for a variety of industries for the preparation of many useful products. This book presents comprehensive information on furan and its derivatives.

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