Ana Cristina Agulheiro-Santos

University of Évora Portugal

PhD in Agrarian Sciences (2002) by the University of Évora. Master in Plant Production (1991) by the University of Lisbon, Graduation in Agronomy (1985) by the University of Évora. Her research areas are: Food Science; Post-Harvest; Sensory Analysis; Horticulture. She was the founder and first director of the Laboratory of Technology and Post-harvest of the University of Évora. Her most relevant areas of research work are quality evaluation, mainly texture and sensory evaluation of fruits and other food products and post-harvest methodologies. Researcher and integrated member of “MED – Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Environment and Development”. Supervisor of several masters and PhD theses in Portugal and Spain. Has participated in several research projects, both national and international. Delegate of Portugal in COST Action FA-1104 “Sustainable production of high-quality cherries for the European market”. Committed to the community and to the development of her region, she has several publications in scientific journals and also in technical journals dedicated to dissemination and knowledge transfer to producers and stakeholders.

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