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Ian Freckelton is an Australian Queen’s Counsel (a senior trial barrister) and a judge of the Supreme Court of Nauru. He is a Professor of Law and Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne, Australia, Adjunct Professor of Forensic Medicine at Monash University, and Adjunct Professor at Johns Hopkins University, USA. He holds an Order of Australia (AO) for his contributions to law, medicine and technology and is the editor of the Journal of Law and Medicine and the founding editor of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law. He is an internationally acknowledged authority on expert evidence, forensic science and forensic medicine. He is the author of more than 700 articles and book chapters, and more than 50 books, including Expert Evidence: Law, Practice Procedure & Advocacy, Expert Evidence and the Criminal Jury Trial, and the seven-volume work, Expert Evidence.

Ian Freckelton

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Forensic Analysis - Scientific and Medical Techniques and Evidence under the Microscope is an edited collection with contributions from scholars in ten countries, containing cutting-edge analyses of diverse aspects of contemporary forensic science and forensic medicine. It spans forensic gait analysis evidence, forensic analysis in wildlife investigations, mitochondrial blood-typing, DNA profiling, probabilistic genotyping, toolmark analysis, forensic osteology, obstetric markers as a diagnostic tool, salivary analysis, pharmacogenetics, and forensic analysis of herbal drugs. This book provides information about the parameters of expertise in relation to a number of areas that are being utilised as a part of criminal investigations and that are coming before courts internationally or will soon do so. Thereby, it is hoped that rigor in the evaluation of such evidence will be enhanced, a fillip for developing standards will be provided, and the incidence of miscarriages of criminal justice will be minimised.

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