Ekaterina Ponizovskaya-Devine

The main area of my interests is in theory and numerical simulations in Optics and Photonics in applications such as high efficient fast photodetectors, sensors, spectroscopy. I have Ph.D. in Physics from MIPT (Moscow, Russia), my research was on stochastic resonance in photogenerated electron-hole plasma. I worked with HP Labs, NASA, CSIC (Spain), I have over 100 original papers in peer-reviewed journals and several patents. My postdoctoral work in CSIC I was on simulations and theory for photonic crystals and negative index materials. My work at HP Labs was on theory and simulations for fast modulators in IR. As a contractor at NASA, I was developing physics-based prognostic models, optimization, and machine learning algorithms for automation. My current work with W&WSens Devices Inc. is on physics, optimization, and modeling on fast and high efficient photodetectors for Data Centers.

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