Riadh Marzouki

King Khalid University

King Khalid University Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry in King Khalid University (KSA) & University of Sfax (Tunisia) Researcher in Crystallography and Materials Laboratory: Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, Tunisia (Since 2009). Till now: 31 publications in Crystallography area (single crystal and polycrystalline powder) and 2 Open Lectures; 10 communications (5 oral); 7 Projects (financed by King Khalid University, KSA) Ph.D. thesis (2013): Crystallography and materials chemistry Area Research Interests: 1. Crystallography: Synthesis, Crystal structure determination, Charge Distribution, Bond Valence Sum calculations,2. Densification, control of the microstructure of ceramics, 3. Electrical conductivity studies (microstructure, structure and substitution effects), 4. Ion pathways simulation using BVS and BVSE models

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