Hridayesh Prakash

Amity University India

Prof. Hridayesh Prakash is a fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, London. Currently, he is a professor at Amity Centre of Translational Research, NOIDA, India. He has expertise in innate immunity with a special interest in macrophage immunobiology, tumor immunology/immunotherapy, cell-based immunotherapies, pulmonary infection biology, and radiation biology. Prof. Prakash conducts research to exploit various immunotherapeutic for managing persistent bacterial and viral infections and gastric cancer. He is unraveling the therapeutic potential of M1 effector macrophages against solid tumors. He is also studying various mechanisms that certain pathogens like Helicobacter pylori, chlamydia, and mycobacteria are exploiting for polarizing M1 effector macrophages towards the M2 phenotype during chronic and persistent infections. Under this major objective, he is now validating the therapeutic impact of M1 effector macrophages for the control of persistent infection-driven cancer (adenocarcinoma) progression. Prof. Prakash is also exploring the palliative potential of macrophages against autoimmunity and chronic inflammatory disorders like inflammatory bowel disease, radio-pneumonitis, pulmonary fibrosis, and radiation syndrome.

Hridayesh Prakash

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This book discusses the significance of interferon (INF) in the clinical aspects of the disease. Chapters address the biological, chemical, and physiological aspects of IFN and how IFN can assist various targeted health interventions. The information contained herein is useful for designing IFN gamma–directed strategies for managing various diseases discussed in the text.

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