Jafari R. Kideghesho

College of African Wildlife Management Tanzania

Professor Jafari R. Kideghesho was born in Ugweno, Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania. He obtained his BSc in Agriculture from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Tanzania, in 1993; an MSc in Conservation Biology from Kent University, UK, in 1996; and a Ph.D. from Norwegian University of Science and Technology, in 2006. He started his career in wildlife management at the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka, where he taught for six years before joining SUA in 1999. He served as a deputy director of the Wildlife Division in Tanzania’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism for two years (2012–2014). Dr. Kideghesho has been an active supporter of academic efforts within and outside Tanzania through teaching and serving as an external examiner at different universities. He has published more than fifty scientific articles in reputable journals and is an author and editor of numerous books. Currently, he is the rector at the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka, Kilimanjaro.

Jafari R. Kideghesho

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The declining trends of wildlife habitats and species populations are obvious consequences of the socio-economic, political, ecological, and technological changes occurring globally. Along with human population growth, there is a growing wave of wildlife diseases, invasive alien species, human-wildlife conflicts, climate change, poaching, infrastructure development, and economic options that are ecologically damaging. These changes have implications on the management of wildlife resources. Managing Wildlife in a Changing World draws experiences from different parts of the world on status, challenges, and efforts of reversing the current negative trends on wildlife habitats and species in the face of these changes. This book is useful for academicians, researchers, policy makers, conservation practitioners, students, and other interested readers.

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