Marcos André Vannier-Santos

Oswaldo Cruz Foundation

Dr. Vannier-Santos obtained Bachelor Degree in Biological Sciences (Bachelor of Genetics) at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro UFRJ and then PhD in Sciences at Carlos Chagas Filho Institute of Biophysics, UFRJ, where he served as adjunct professor of Parasitology and Cell Biology, Head of the Laboratory of Parasite Cell Biology and Parasitology area Coordinator. He has many years of experience in electron microscopy approaches, mainly of pathogenic organisms. He acts as Secretary of the Brazilian Society of Parasitology and Editor of scientific periodicals and book editions. He integrates the Leopoldo de Meis National Network of Education and Science (as Executive Board, as Administrative and Financial Coordinator) and coordinates the project 'Science on the Road: Education and Citizenship', which aims to promote health through the popularization of science, particularly focusing on infectious and parasitic diseases. CV available at:

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