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Jan Emblemsvåg is Senior Vice-President of Innovation and Process Management at STX OSV AS – one of the major, global offshore shipbuilders in the world. He works on improving the shipbuilding process across eight yards and several product companies. He is a Associate Professor II at Ålesund University College, gives lectures and serves as a management consultant if time permits. He holds his Ph.D. in engineering design, but his research and work is inter-disciplinary ranging from cost management, strategy/risk management, general management to business development. He has published four books – the most notable is one on Activity-Based Life-Cycle Costing published by John Wiley & Sons. He has also published more than dozen journal papers on a variety of subjects.

Jan Emblemsvåg

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A large part of academic literature, business literature as well as practices in real life are resting on the assumption that uncertainty and risk does not exist. We all know that this is not true, yet, a whole variety of methods, tools and practices are not attuned to the fact that the future is uncertain and that risks are all around us. However, despite risk management entering the agenda some decades ago, it has introduced risks on its own as illustrated by the financial crisis. Here is a book that goes beyond risk management as it is today and tries to discuss what needs to be improved further. The book also offers some cases.

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Risk Management for the Future IntechOpen
Risk Management for the Future Theory and Cases Edited by Jan Emblemsvåg

Risk Management for the Future

Edited by Jan Emblemsvåg