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Dr John Mworia is a senior lecturer at the University of Nairobi, School of Biological Sciences in the plant sciences section. He holds a PhD in Plant Ecology and teaches courses related to ecology, resource inventory and environmental management. He has supervised and examined over 16 theses. Dr Mworia has been actively involved in research as evidenced by the several research fellowships he has been awarded since 1998. His research interests include invasive species ecology, climate change biodiversity interactions and environmental degradation. He has published extensively on invasive species, botanical assessments and wildlife environmental conservation.

John Mworia

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This book is devoted to botany and covers topical issues in this diverse area of study. The contributions are designed for researchers, graduate students and professionals. The book also presents reviews of current issues in plant-environment interactions making it useful to environmental scientists as well. The book is organized in three sections. The first section includes contributions on responses to flood stress, tolerance to drought and desiccation, phytotoxicity to Chromium and Lead; the second has aspects of economic botany including a review of Smut disease in sugarcane and properties of plant extract used Tassaboount date juice; the last covers topical issues on morphogenesis and genetics on cotton fiber special cell, secretory glands Asphodelus aestivus flower ,pollen tube growth in Leucojum aestivum , morphological studies of Ardisia crenata complex, and hybrid lethality in the Genus Nicotiana.

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