Hadda Imene Ouzari

University of Tunis El Manar

Dr. Ouzari Hadda-Imene has been a Professor of Microbiology at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, University Tunis El Manar since 2013. The main research and teaching activities of Prof. Ouzari Hadda-Imene are focused on the identification and biotechnological potentialities and applications of microbes from different environments. She has published about 90 peer-reviewed papers and more than 600 nucleotidic sequences. Prof. Ouzari Hadda-Imene has contributed to several national and international projects focusing on several aspects of microbial ecology. As an active member of the Tunisian Society of Microbial Ecology, she is actively contributing to the research promotion and scientific interaction between researchers from different countries. She also acts as the Tunisian ambassador of the International Society of Microbial Ecology (ISME).

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