Daisuke Tashima

Fukuoka Institute of Technology

Dr. Daisuke Tashima received his B.E degree in department of electrical and electronic engineering from University of Miyazaki in 2003, his Mr. degree from University of Miyazaki in 2005, and finally his Dr. degree from University of Miyazaki in 2007. After working as a post-doctoral researcher at faculty of agriculture, University of Miyazaki, from 2008 to 2009, he became a research assistant professor at interdisciplinary research organization with University of Miyazaki in 2010, and from 2015, he served as an assistant professor at department of electrical engineering, faculty of engineering, Fukuoka Institute of Technology. In 2018 he continued working as an associate professor in Fukuoka Institute of Technology where he can also be found today. His research interests include supercapacitors using activated carbons made from organic waste materials.

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