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Sérgio Rui dos Santos Barbosa Oliveira da Silva lives in Rua Dr. António Costa Viseu, n.º 83, 4º D 4435-104, Rio Tinto, Portugal was born 27 / 6 / 1980. He graduated as “Licenciatura” (5-year degree) in Electrical and Computer Engineering Institution School of Engineering, University of Porto (FEUP) Specialization Telecommunications, electronic and computer science in September, 1998 – July, 2003. Research Experience are Characterization of Semiconductor Lasers; Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Sonar System Supported by Satellite; Development of a vision system for vibration analysis; Integrated Navigation System for Small Aircrafts (SINAL); ClusteRadio – A Distributed Software Radio Architecture; Time Reference System using an OEM GPS Receiver and RT-Linux.

Sergio Silva

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The demand to explore the largest and also one of the richest parts of our planet, the advances in signal processing promoted by an exponential growth in computation power and a thorough study of sound propagation in the underwater realm, have lead to remarkable advances in sonar technology in the last years.The work on hand is a sum of knowledge of several authors who contributed in various aspects of sonar technology. This book intends to give a broad overview of the advances in sonar technology of the last years that resulted from the research effort of the authors in both sonar systems and their applications. It is intended for scientist and engineers from a variety of backgrounds and even those that never had contact with sonar technology before will find an easy introduction with the topics and principles exposed here.

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