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Dr. Zhang received Ph.D. degree in Mechanical and Electronic Engineering in 2003. From 2004, he worked as Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute of Technical Aspects of Multimodal Systems (TAMS), Department of Informatics, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences, University of Hamburg, Germany. In Feb. 2011, he finished the Habilitation on Informatics at University of Hamburg. Dr. Zhang joined the NTNU ( before 2016, Aalesund University College), Norway in April 2011 where he is a Professor on Robotics and Cybernetics. From 2011-2016, he hold a gift professorship on product and system design from the industry too. The focus of his research lies on two areas. One is on biological robots and modular robotics. The second focus is on virtual prototyping and maritime mechatronics. In these areas, he has published over 130 journal and conference papers and book chapters as author or co-author. Recently, he received four best paper awards at the Robotic conferences, and four finalist awards for best conference paper at IEEE Robotics and Automation conferences.

Houxiang Zhang

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With the advancement of technology, new exciting approaches enable us to render mobile robotic systems more versatile, robust and cost-efficient. Some researchers combine climbing and walking techniques with a modular approach, a reconfigurable approach, or a swarm approach to realize novel prototypes as flexible mobile robotic platforms featuring all necessary locomotion capabilities. The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of the latest wide-range achievements in climbing and walking robotic technology to researchers, scientists, and engineers throughout the world. Different aspects including control simulation, locomotion realization, methodology, and system integration are presented from the scientific and from the technical point of view. This book consists of two main parts, one dealing with walking robots, the second with climbing robots. The content is also grouped by theoretical research and applicative realization. Every chapter offers a considerable amount of interesting and useful information.

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Climbing and Walking Robots IntechOpen
Climbing and Walking Robots towards New Applications Edited by Houxiang Zhang

Climbing and Walking Robots

Edited by Houxiang Zhang