Xiao-Ying Yu

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Dr. Yu was trained as a physical chemist and kineticist at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. She did her postdoctoral research at Brookhaven National Laboratory and Colorado State University, USA. She has been a senior scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory since 2006. She has led the development of a novel mesoscale imaging tool based on microfluidics at PNNL since 2009, which has resulted in two issued patents, a prestigious R&D 100 Awards, and a Federal Laboratory Consortium Technology Transfer Excellence Award. Dr. Yu has developed new concepts in aerosol sampling and led and participated in many field studies for in situ measurements of aerosols. Dr. Yu is the chair of the Department of Energy chemical exposure working group and a member of the TEEL Advisory Group for consequence assessment.

Xiao-Ying Yu

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Increasing innovations and applications make microfluidics a versatile choice for researchers in many disciplines. This book consists of multiple review chapters that aim to cover recent advances and new applications of microfluidics in biology, electronics, energy, and materials sciences. It provides comprehensive views of various aspects of microfluidics ranging from fundamentals of fabrication, flow control, and droplet manipulation to the most recent exploration in emerging areas such as material synthesis, imaging and novel spectroscopy, and marriage with electronics. The chapters have many illustrations showcasing exciting results. This book should be useful for those who are eager to learn more about microfluidics as well as researchers who want to pick up new concepts and developments in this fast-growing field.

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