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Abdelrahman Osman Elfaki is currently a senior lecturer at Management and Science University in Malaysia. He is involved in many projects and research related to software engineering in different countries, which refined his software engineering experience in both practical and academic fields. His current interests are modelling software product lines engineering and managing variability. He has published many papers related to his current interest.

Abdelrahman Elfaki

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The Software Product Line (SPL) is an emerging methodology for developing software products. Currently, there are two hot issues in the SPL: modelling and the analysis of the SPL. Variability modelling techniques have been developed to assist engineers in dealing with the complications of variability management. The principal goal of modelling variability techniques is to configure a successful software product by managing variability in domain-engineering. In other words, a good method for modelling variability is a prerequisite for a successful SPL. On the other hand, analysis of the SPL aids the extraction of useful information from the SPL and provides a control and planning strategy mechanism for engineers or experts. In addition, the analysis of the SPL provides a clear view for users. Moreover, it ensures the accuracy of the SPL. This book presents new techniques for modelling and new methods for SPL analysis.

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