Trevor Frank Jones

TFJ Consulting Ltd, England

Dr. Jones has been MD of a successful consultancy since 2004. In addition to industrial contacts, he maintains strong academic links with universities in the United Kingdom and internationally and has been appointed external examiner for several Ph.D. and MSc examinations. His extensive list of professional publications includes many technical contributions to the Hydrotransport and Transport and Sedimentation conferences. He takes an active committee role in both organisations. He studied at the University of London. Following an MSc in Thermal Power Engineering and a Ph.D. research degree, Dr. Jones joined the Mining Research and Development Establishment of the National Coal Board. He became a team manager where he led high-value European-funded research projects on the control and management of coal quality, the analysis of coal profiles, and the control of froth-flotation processes. After the closure of British Coal, Dr. Jones became a senior research fellow at the University of Nottingham. He secured research funding for the university with collaborations from Germany, Greece, Belgium, and Holland.

Trevor Frank Jones

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Written by experts from around the world, this book presents a comprehensive overview of slurry technology. The editor is grounded in the science of dilute concentrations of coarse particles in horizontal ducts, including settling distributions, critical deposition, swirling flow, and the two-layer model. This volume includes ten chapters that address such topics as process modelling, measurement (including non-Newtonian rheology), high-concentration conveying, vertical transport of fine-particle slurries, rheometry of sludges, pipe wear, and wastewater applications. There is also a chapter on an application at the fringe of our subject: fluidisation.

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