Heshmatollah Yavari

University of Isfahan

Dr. Yavari is a Professor of physics at the University of Isfahan. His research interests are superconductivity, superfluidity, supersolidity, Bose-Einstein condensation, ultracold atomic gases, optical lattices, granular electronic systems, neutron stars, topological insulators and superconductors, Majorana fermions, photonic crystals, low dimensional systems, and mesoscopic systems He has published more than seventy papers in journals and conference proceedings.

Heshmatollah Yavari

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Since the discovery of superconductivity, a great number of theoretical and experimental efforts have been made to describe this new phase of matter that emerged in many body systems. In this regard, theoretical models have been presented; the most famous of which was the BCS theory that can only describe conventional superconductors. With the discovery of new class superconductors, the superconducting mechanism became a new challenge in the field of condensed matter physics. This unexpected discovery opened a new area in the history of superconductivity, and experimental researchers started trying to find new compounds in this class of superconductors. These superconductors are often characterized by the anisotropic character in the superconducting gap function with nodes along a certain direction in the momentum space. Since the pairing interaction has an important role in the superconducting gap structure, its determination is very important to explain the basic pairing mechanism.In this regard, this book includes valuable theoretical and experimental discussions about the properties of superconductors. Here you will find valuable research describing the properties of unconventional superconductors.

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